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Knowing You

Alt om skjønnhet, ekte kjærlighet og livet.
Sjanger:DiktLastet opp:15.02.2010

Knowing You from the First Time i saw you gave me a Electric Love inside that gave me a Sign to know your Beauty


Knowing your Beauty captured always my Moments that made my Heart ready to open and recieve Love Signals with the Blessing from the Angels


Knowing your Longing gave me a chance to Sacrifice my Beautiful words and give you my Heaven so your Love can shine again


Knowing your Love that had a Sad past gives me a True chance to fill a new Chapter with a True Future which will give you Sunrise every morning and Sunset every night


Knowing your Future is Blessed here with me gives you a open Road to success for every Opportunity you will get in Life


Knowing your View of Life made my choices simple because i have searched all my life for the Truth and i found it with a Beautiful Life partner that is You


Knowing you and your Beauty now is like Medicine to my True Feelings and my Lost Heart that found Paradise with You for Eternity

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