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An ordinary day

An ordinary day. In Spain.
Sjanger:AnnetLastet opp:28.01.2010
Tema:Ferie og reiser

Here are some paragraphs about an ordinary day in my life. In Spain. When I wake up in the morning, I go down to the pool and take a short morning bath. It’s really refreshing with a morning bath. When I go back to the hotel-room, are my parents already awake and already bought fresh rolls. Then we’ll all eat breakfast together. I think that is a great start to the morning.


Sometimes after breakfast we are going to the tennis court. It’s fun, but really hot. When we are tired and warm, we always drive to the beach to cool down. We are swimming, snorkeling in the ocean, fly kite or just relaxing at the beach, with the sun in our face.


After a delicious day at the beach, we go home and make lunch. Then we can do whatever we want. Go to the city beach, bath in the pool, shop at the markets or just relax. A couple of hours later, at the evening, we sometimes go to the city, and eat at a restaurant. It’s a little exciting, because we are going at different restaurants every evening.


When we are home at the hotel-room, the day is already over. Then it’s just to go into bed. It’s not hard to sleep when you had a long, fun delicious day like that.

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