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The children – the big difference

En argumenterende tekst om fattigdom i den tredje verden.
Sjanger:EssayLastet opp:28.10.2009
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I believe the difference between children’s life quality today is unimaginable unless you have traveled the world and seen for yourself. There are so many thing children in northern Europe don’t mind, like tap water or electricity, which is far from present in several countries throughout the world. Some children in the primitive Africa for example, they have to walk hours a day to get pure water. This is, as mentioned, unthinkable for most children in places like the USA or Scandinavia.


But that is not their fault. They were raised that way. I think human have a fundamental principle which we act upon. I call it “the constant hunger for more”. If you are born wealthy, with tap water and electricity, then you will still reach out for more. You will scream for more candy on Saturdays, and you will pay salaries for a new car. That is the constant hunger for more, and with a good amount of effort, we can do something about it.


Let’s take the Buddhist monks for instance. Some of them live after the wise saying: “If you own more than eight things, then the things own you”. I find truth in this saying, because the monks have completely emancipated themselves from greed. So perhaps Buddhism is the road to consciousness of children suffering?


But don’t worry; you don’t have to go Buddhist to help poor people. There are several other methods, some hard, some effortless. For example, there are various help organizations, such as the Red Cross or UNICEF, which collect donations and spend them on different purposes. This is an easy way to contribute, simply press a button on your phone and you have participated with a small amount of money.


So let’s take Norway for instance. About the entire population is able to spend this fair amount of money every month. So why doesn’t we do it? Why aren’t four million people paying thirty dollars a month? I think the big answer is media. Let the help organizations send free commercials in the national television. Let them make people both conscious and interested. Let them see all the horrible things going on in the world today. I think this will enlighten people.


Another focus is to make people believe that money helps. There are many who think that the money disappears, that is somehow true, but they have to understand that some of the money will get through. And some of the money will provide education. And some of the money will provide food.


So, as a conclusion, even though people blame their society for not contributing, let them understand that every penny counts. And let them free themselves from greed and new fancy cars. I rest my case while quoting Bob Marley: “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds”.

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