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Historie skrevet på fritiden, inspirert av en ekte hendelse. Kommenter plis :D
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It was when the winter was fading. Vanishing from the earth and creating new life. She'd spent most of her days out with her friends. She hadn't been so social for months, especially with Terrance. They'd been with eachother more than ever these last couple of months. They became close friends. It was a healty and good friendship. He was always there for her, no matter what, even though she wasn't always there for him. He fancied her, but hope seemed, even looking very hard, not to be found anywhere. But being the friend he was, he looked beyond that hope, and remained her great friend.


But one day all hell broke loose. Rupert gained her affection. Again! She should know better, it wasn't a healty relationship. That boy was up to no good, didn't care for her feelings. Big words often tend to vanish in the thought of sex, especially among teenagers like them. And they truly were big words, but few of them had the feeling behind them that they expressed to have.


Rupert was an extremely jealous boy when it came to girls. He had a twisted mind on girls too, thought he could own them like objects, willing to do his every bidding. She wasn't like that at all, she was still a virgin and would not fall for his words to do what he wished.


Great influence did he also have on Lindsey. Although not such a good friend to those who first were his friends, but Lindsey truly was a very popular boy at school. Terrance had been the first person to actually spend time with Lindsey when he first had moved there, but he quickly learned who were the popular ones and dropped Terrance. So Lindsey had absolutely no influence on Terrance.


Rupert thought too much of getting into her pants, that he lost his mind. He was entirely blinded. Forgot that he and Terrance had been friends since childhood. He forbade her to be with him. Blinded by what he prenteded to be love, he drove his friend out of his life and destroyed his relationship. They were together after that, sadly, but things were never the same.


Terrance didn't care about Rupert's decision and kept holding on to his friend. He did not want to lose her. After some time she finally dumped an appointment with Rupert and went out with him instead. Rupert was furious, but spoke not of it.


Then it happened again the next day, and this triggered something inside Rupert. One could say it triggered the idiot inside him, because not only had he ripped the paper in two. He now set fire on it. He watched over her like a hawk. Never did he let her out of his sight for too long. He came to her house uninvited, stayed there for as long as he pleased and left only when her parents said so. He would not listen to her, he was obsessed.


At school, Lindsey walked over to Terrance and said "one shouldn't steal his friends girl". Hah! What friend? Terrance' so called "friend" had pushed him away because of his obsession to this girl. He was such a cowardly person he asked Lindsey to talk to Terrance, and Lindsey's girlfriend, who was in also her sister, to tell her she was a poor girlfriend.


When she finally broke up with him, he had become a blinded, at-the-edge-of-phsycotic controlfreak. Months later he kept coming to her house when she wasn't there, going through her stuff. Everything. All the way down to her underwear drawer. Even this day, he still is completely out of his mind, and wants her back. He jumps from girl to girl, but still waiting for her.


Her current boyfriend was once one of Rupert's best friends, now he has been blinded so much he messed up that friendship too. Through the internet he said to him "you damn nigger, I've made out with her". With those exact words he ruined a second friendship because of his obsession to a girl.


She no longer has the psychic strength to fight what he does, she only has the phsycial strength to hold him away from kissing her. He has forced her to kiss him once after they broke up. He will not let go, and it seems that the only person who still cares about this problem is Terrance. All she needs is a teacher or someone like that to grab this situation and actually do something about it. But she has not the courage to plea for help. She needs someone besides Terrance to care about this.

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