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Pollution - what can we do?

En engelsk stil om forurensing. Sier hva du kan gjøre for å bidra til å minske forurensingen.

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What can each individual do to prevent global warming? But first, what is global warming? Global warming is a designation of increases on the Earth's average temperature. It is 90% probability that climate changes is man-made, according to researchers. Greenhouse gases like CO2 make the Earth warmer. The reason is that those gases made the ozone layer release less heat coming from the sun.


There is much an individual person can do to prevent global warming. It is important to have in mind what you can do yourself, and see which result it give. You may think that we need bigger efforts than your wager. It is true. One person can't stop global warming, bur if all persons contribute, it may help.


One important thing you can do to save the environment, is to recycle materials like glass, paper, steel, aluminum, textiles and plastic. By re-using these materials, we save the environment for toxic pollution, and it have also shown that recycling is economically profitable. Many industries earn money by selling products made from recycled materials. So you can also spare the environment by shop such products.


One other problem is transport. This is one of the worst problem. Cars and planes are emitting much CO2. Instead of running the car so much, you can either walk or go by buss or train. Bike is also a good option. Of course you are allowed to drive, but it would help much if each person drove less. Another good option is to buy an el-car. Electric cars don't release CO2, and is therefore much less polluting. The only hook here, is that the car needs energy which is not completely free from pollution.


Plane is found to contaminate more than we thought before. We should cut much at the plane-travels, and either see the opportunity to travel abroad by train. This takes longer time, but is much more sparingly for the environment. Then people can travel more and for less money.


Norwegians are huge energy-users. Reasons may be the weather. In Norway the weather is cold and dark in the winter-time. Then we use much energy for not freeze, we take longer showers and use more electrical lights. We should cut down on the use of energy and use rechargeable batteries.


To cut down on energy consumption, you can:

- turn of lights in rooms who is in no use

- have shorter showers

- make sure the washing-up machine is full when you start it

- wash the kitchen-tools mostly for hand

- turn of useless machines like a television no one is watching

- keep the temperature as low as you can

- make sure you don't throw clean clothes for washing

I'm sure there is more you can do, these are only exemplars. By using less energy, we can spare the nature. You also spare money this way.


CO2 is a reason for global warming. A good tool to reduce this greenhouse-gas in the atmosphere is the tree. The tree takes up CO2 and create oxygen. The idea then can be to plant a tree in your garden. Then your tree can take up a portion of CO2 which you are producing.


Other things you can do is to bring your own bags when you are shopping. You can buy products with minimal packaging, and use both sides of the sheets. To donate to organizations who is working for a cleaner Earth like Green Peace and vote for greenhouse-parties and stop buying things you actually don't need are also good ideas.


This show that there is in fact many things you can do individual. You need the right adjustments and have to think about things you can do yourself instead looking at the overall device. If everyone do what they can do for help the Earth to be healthy, it will make results.






“Save our planet” - flight 10, texts

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