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The American Dream

A text that describes what the two songs "In the ghetto" and "Lose yourself" says about the life for someone that hasn't reached the American dream yet.
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“The Ghetto” by Elvis Presley is a song about poverty, hunger and the life in a Ghetto. In the song, Elvis describes a crying mom that got a boy. As the boy grows up, he turns to be an aggressive boy that learns how to steal and fight for food. In the end of the text, the boy shot himself, and his mom gets a new child in the Ghetto.


It is obvious that this boy and his mom didn’t reach the American Dream. They were poor and miserable, with coldness and hunger. This isn’t how America wants it to be, it’s actually as far away from the American dream that you can come. The US doesn’t want someone to be unhappy and feel pressed to steal to survive their hunger, and they definitely not want someone to kill themselves after they’ve been arrested for stealing.


The lyrics in this song don’t give any hope for future because the history in this song is happening again and again. In the beginning the mother cries because she can’t feed another boy again, and the ending is exactly the same. The history says a little bit about that no one helps these poor humans that are longing for it. “People, don’t you understand, the child needs a helping hand”, says the song. The history will just be repeated if anyone doesn’t reach out a helping hand as the American Dream says they’re going to. It’s not any hope in this song as long as no one see the reality in it! After all, Elvis Presley saw it, and maybe this song had an influence on the people around the world..?


“Lose Yourself” by Eminem is a song about a man that tries to reach his dreams. But the man gets problems along his way because he is from the ghetto and because he is white. He wants to rap, but it’s hard for him. The words don’t come out from his mouth and as the chords say; “You better lose yourself in the music, the moment you own it.“ This man thinks it’s hard to do it, but in the middle of the song he reaches his dream. But was it really the real dream?


This man had a dream to succeed as a rapper and when he finally manages to stand in front of an audience, he forgets everything else except from the music dream. He gets rich and famous. You probably think that he got his dream filled, but there was a lot consequences because of this dream. His daughter doesn’t know him anymore and the relationship to his parents only got worse. His father left him and his mother came back only to get money. His mother started to use drugs. The big dream about music ruined all the other things that matters in life.


This song doesn’t represent the perfect life, but in some way, this man managed to raise himself up after being so poor. He became rich, and reached his one dream. But the real dream with feelings, love and family got ruined because of all the rapping. This song tells us that you may want to reach a dream with a perfect job, but you don’t want to loose the real dream; Love – it matters even more.

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Veldig bra tekst, rater 8/8!

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Liker at det er en feil allerede i tittelen... Sangen heter "In the Ghetto"

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