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Beware of the Drop Bear

Sarah og Lisa drar på campingtur i naturen.

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Hi, my name is Sarah! I just want to share with you, a story about me and my friend, Lisa. About the time we went camping in the bush, just the two of us.


Three weeks ago we went for a camping trip into the forest. The forest is just a few meters away from my house. It turned out to be a really great trip! Even though we didn’t bring any food, we didn’t go hungry. We camped by a great fishing-pond that lies in the deepest part of the jungle. The Jungle. That’s what me and Lisa call it. It is so green and full of animals! It might as well might be a jungle.


Anyhow, there was a lot of fish there, and we never had to worry about getting enough food. We actually brought some home for our parents. They were thrilled.


Before I start babbling any more about our trip, i probably should tell you where we live. We live in Australia, not far away from The Blue Mountains. I moved to Australia when I was five years old, and I love it here! I would never dream of leaving this paradise!


Now that you know where we are, you probably know that Australia has the biggest percentage of highly toxic and dangerous animals in the world. But we have bin taught well as long as we both have lived here, so we know how to handle every situation possible.


Me and Lisa had only bin out there for two days, and we were sitting by the fire, telling ghost stories. I know, what a cliché! But somehow we started talking about the well-known myths of the Drop Bears. The Drop Bears is a myth Aussies use to scare tourists. If you stand to close to a tree in the Bear-dropping season, you better watch your face, before you lose it. It always gets to them. I don’t understand how anyone could believe it. That was untill that very day.


Just as Lisa was sharing a very amusing story about a guy she knew who had totally bought the story about the terrifying Drop Bears, we heard something. Not a small something, but a Big something, coming from straight above us. We screamed, so hight that all the animals around us, who thought they were safe and sound asleep, ran away, in a daze that was, as fast as they could.


We had to take a look up at what had just startled us so much. As it turned out, it actually was a bear in that tree! But i wasn’t a Drop Bear. It was a really cute, and did i mention very nightly active, Kuala bear! It was so cute!


We let it continue its search for food, and we went silent to bed. What we woke up to find in our camp the next day is an entire different story.

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31.03.2009 14:51

Denne sugde, leverte den og fikk igjen: The story is bad and your grammar is horrible, the text is also way to short: 2/3

19.05.2010 10:44

ikke bra.... mye feil

21.05.2012 22:32

og kort!!!!
overdriv ltt mer med 6 ren OMG!!!
Takk johnny og eirik for å kommentere bra jg ikke tok denne Wink ;-\))))

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