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The Women National Basketball Association

En artikkel om det amerikanske cupspillet i basketball.
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The Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) is an organization and a professional basketball league for women in the United States. The league was founded in 1996 as the counterpart to NBA (The National Basketball Association). In this histories (features) have some greatest female basketball players in the world.


The league started to play in 1997 (about 11 years before now) and normal season is from May to August also 4 months (13 weeks) and with the playoffs starting in late August running into September. Many of WNBA teams have NBA counterparts and they plays in the same arena only The Connecticut Sun is the only team to play without share the city with an NBA team and from 2008 will the Chicago Sky and Houston Comets are the only other team they do not share a arena with a NBA counterpart. When 2008 season started then Houston Comets will not longer share an arena with they counterpart and they will begin play all home games at Reliant Arena.


The League is divided into two conferences. In the 2008 WNBA season there are 7 teams from in the Eastern Conference and the same with Western Conference. Only the four teams in each conference with best Win/Loss record is going to compete in the WNBA Playoffs during September with the WNBA Finals is later in this month.


During on the years were the Summer Olympics will be WNBA takes a month of their season to allow the players to practice and compete with their respective national teams. The Summer Olympics will be in Beijing, China. The regular season will be from 17 of May in 2008 to 14 of September in 2008 and the Olympic break will be from 28 of July in 2008 to 27 of august in 2008. The WNBA Playoffs and WNBA Finals will lead into October.




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