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Zombie Nation

Norge forvandles til en zombienasjon.

Karakter: 5- (10. klasse, juletentamen)

Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:18.01.2009
Tema:Science Fiction
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“Obedience and loyalty is key. Your elders expect you to follow their rules, and your youngsters expect you to give them guidance. Every single one of us has a heavy burden on our shoulders, and if you forsake even the smallest of persons, many will die. Cause these are dark times we live in, so that is why you shall obey your father and show loyalty to your son. Cause in the dark, without those things, the Zombies wait to tear the flesh of the foolish.”    – The Enlightened One, Year 2030 A.D.


Evn walked the road that lead away from the Church, the two hour long daily ceremony in Honor to The Forefathers had ended. Evn asked one of the men guarding the road, how much the clock where, it was 09:08. He looked down on the muddy ground. He often hated these ceremonies, the priest preached long speeches about how brave The Forefathers was and how we should learn from them and bla bla bla… But he liked the part where the priest started a cd called The Enlightened One’s Blessed Songs. They were something called “Rokk” and some of the songs were played by a band the priest called “Disturbed”. He liked it, it made his world brighter.


He adjusted the spear on his back and continued. He went into a courtyard. It that courtyard was it a school, and a gym, formed as bowl, up-side-down. He knew those places, they were called “Presterud ungdomsskole” and “Slagenhallen”. He had went there before, when he was ten till he was twelve, then he had to leave for training. Cause all children left school at twelve, then it was the training to become men and women. When they were twelve, they killed their first Zombie.


He still remembered it, his first kill. It was in the forest near the Church. He had been given his first spear, which he still used. The spear was made of wood, and the tip of the spear was made of human bones. A large hunting party had cleared out most of the Zombies in the area, except one. The last one he had to kill. He was terrified, but the men helped him put his fears to rest. One of the guys always went behind the Zombie with a gun, to kill it if it tried to kill Evn. But that was dishonorable, he knew that he had to kill it, no matter the cost. So he saw it move towards him, with one of the legs dragging behind it. He saw the mouth, filled with rotten teeth and blood. Then he charged.


He ran towards the Zombie. It stopped and tried slowly to swing one of his arms at him, like a punch. But it was to late. Evn had already impaled its chest with his spear. It fell to the ground, even that went slowly. Then the little crowd of men behind him started cheering, he had killed his first Zombie!! Then they went home and they cooked and ate the Zombie. Cause it was no longer any real food, so all they could eat is Zombies and whatever animals that have survived. He felt invincible, like The Forefathers, only he was younger. Now he was at the age The Forefathers were when the virus was unleashed. He was fifteen.


The Forefathers was a group of twenty people, classmates, that had been locked inside a house because some doctors had found a virus inside them. It was called IDS , Inevitable Death Syndrome.(or.. that was what they tough) It is now called IZS, Inevitable Zombie Syndrome. They had been locked in quarantine. They survived in quarantine for three weeks, only to find out that the whole outside world was dead. They made base at The Enlightened One’s house and slowly tried to take back their city. That was in 2007, its now 2157, 150 years later, and the Brotherhood of The Living, (as the humans call themselves) have taken over great parts of the town Tunsberg and ten other cities.


Evn moved towards the Wall on the road near a former shop called “Meny”. The Wall was just a wooden fence with a guard standing behind it, it at least kept the Zombies out. When he got close to the Wall, a guard shouted at him.“ Who dares to approach the Wall?” “Its Evn, jackass… still thinking you’re on top?” The guard smiled. “yeah... But Evn, your father requested that you shall come to him at the far end of the Enlightened Road. Raska paa smaaen, its your manhood test.”


Evn ran the fastest he could. He entered the road called “Vallu”. It were no cars on the road, they had all been used in military actions against the Zombies. It were giant holes in the tarmac, soon it would be nothing left, since no’ one knew how to repair it. The guard had spoken to him on Norwegian, a nearly dead language which only the priests use in the ceremonies. But common people had learned phrases that they sometimes use when they think its necessary. But they usually speak english, like The Forefathers told them, and not their sacred language.


“I say, lets cast away our names into the abyss. For I do not want our children to remember us as mortals, but as the Gods we truly are! For I am no longer merely a human, I am God, The Enlightened One. For our children will sit by the fireplace and tell tales to their children about their parents, the Gods. For if we do this, we will not be just some fading memory, but be imprinted in history. Then our new names will be remembered forever, and a new world order will be born, and controlled by us, The Forefathers.”

- The Enlightened One, Year 2011 A.D.


Evn stopped near the Wall. There stood his dad along whit many other men, he was stern and serious. Then he spoke. “You, Evn, Son of Aran, Son of Kerish, Son of Erith, Son of Uning, Son of Belak, Son of Irish, Son of Kaare, Son of Even, Son of Istad, Son of The Enlightened One. You have a proud ancestry to match up to. But you won’t disappoint them. You will slay the Zombies with the ferocity of The Enlightened One. And when you do that, you are a man, and the wedding may start.” Evn had forgotten that. He was to be married to the beautiful Irin. He wanted to get started right away.


Then Aran, his dad, started to speak again. ”We, the Firstborn of The Enlightened One’s ancestry, will pledge ourselves to the duty that He command us to. We will obey, defend and speak nothing but the truth. And all we ask is your guidance. Maa din veiledning vaere vis. Amen” Evn repeated everything, then his father said. “Here is a Soft-gun with 10 bullets, you shall kill 30. It trust you to tell the truth. Run to “Kiwii” the Zombies are mostly there. Naa gaa aa ta dem” Evn jumped over the wall and ran towards ”Kiwii”.


On the store parking lot there were a few Zombies. He circled behind them and stabbed them with the spear. Then he entered the store. It was empty of items, but there were quite a few Zombies there. He wielded his Soft-gun and shot the closest Zombies in the head. They died instantly. Then he continued with shooting the Zombies till the bullets were used. Then he took up his spear and charged into the mass of Zombies


When he had counted the amount of kills to 45, the store was empty. Now he started searching the store for anything useful. Suddenly he found a Zombie who had a Walkman on him. Evn had nearly never seen a Walkman before and thought it was fun to try it. He put on the earphones and started the little machine. He instantly recognized the song, it was “Strigh out of line” by “God Smack”. Then he started hearing the rest of the songs. All of them were from The Enlightened One’s Blessed Songs. He wanted to return the CD to the priest and opened the Walkman. But it didn’t stand The Enlightened One’s Blessed Songs on the cover. It stood, “Adrian’s Miks Cd”


“This country will no longer be called Norway, it will be called Zombie Nation. Because this country is no longer owned by Norwegians. Its is owned by Zombies. And it will still be owned by Zombies and still be called Zombie Nation. When the last Zombie in Zombie Nation is dead, only then will we name this country Norway again. Cause now we are at war. The Zombies are the Government and we… are the Rebels.”

- The Enlightened One, Year 2015 A.D.

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skal stabbe alle zombier

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