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The colour blue

Del av en eksamensoppgave jeg hadde i 10. klasse. Om farger :)
Sjanger:AnnetLastet opp:06.01.2009

The colour blue is my favourite colour, no doubt. In the summertime, both the sky and the water are blue, and I love it. In addition, my boyfriend has blue eyes. Beautiful, light blue eyes, always glittering with laughter. Wow, blue has to be the nicest colour ever.


I can understand that you’re loyal and faithful if you’re true blue, but that the feeling blue is feeling sad? No, I don’t think so. That blue devils are feeling of depression is not right either, I think. Blue is beautiful and depression is not. If blue devils even exist, they have to be cute, little devils who’re bothering the bigger, red ones. You know; the kind that often sits on people’s shoulders. Maybe blue devils actually are protectors, like the pharaohs of ancient Egypt thought the colour blue was? It may be…

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