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Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:15.12.2008

When I started at Vinje High School, I thought I could get a new start. My hope was that this time I would make new friends and feel accepted by my classmates. I wouldnít exactly say I was an outsider at my old school, but I just didnít fit in with the others. I think that was the reason why I was kind of happy when my father told me that we have to move to Kent City because of his new job.


My first day at Vinje High crushed all my hopes. To be honest, it was horrible. Everybody knew each other and didnít seem interested in getting to know a total stranger. I really did my best and tried to talk to my classmates, but it just didnít work out. Nobody seemed to notice me. They already had friends that they were pleased with, and they didnít even try to speak to me.


When I came home after my first day at school, I broke out in tears. Secretly, though, because I didnít want my parents to find out that I wasnít able to make new friends. So when my mother asked me how my first day had been like, I simply said: ďFine. I got to know a few people who seem nice enoughĒ. I donít know why I lied to my mother about this, I guess that was the easiest thing to do at the moment.


I told myself that day two at my new school had to be better than day one. Well, I was wrong. It was worse, much worse. Nobody was interested in me. I wasnít able to concentrate in class, I was busy thinking where to go during lunch time.


Itís incredible how people can just ignore others. Iíve been eating my lunch in the canteen every day now for a month, and yet nobody has asked me to join them. A couple of times Iíve tried to sit down with some of my classmates, but somehow they donít seem willing to let me into their conversation. Nobody responds to what I say or answers my questions. They arenít mean, or anything like that, but they take no interest in me, none whatsoever. Am I really sentenced to spending all the breaks for the next years by myself? Iím starting to wonder if itís because of my skin colour, are they rejecting me because Iím black. Havenít they seen a black girl before, or is it just me. Maybe Iím overreacting, maybe I have to step up and introduce myself.


Next day I tried to introduce myself to a couple of girls, I walked up to them and said ďhiĒ, they didnít response back so I tried to shout a litter louder. No response back, none so ever, I felt like I was ignored, like I was invincible for them. Now I really wondered if it was because of the fact that I was black, my self confident couldnít be any lower, are they really that pitiful that they donít want to know me because of my skin colour.


Whatís wrong with me? Why doesnít anybody want me as their friend? Is it because of something Iíve said or done, or is it just the fact that I am black? Is there something wrong with the way I look or the way I dress? I have no self-confidence anymore.


When is my class going to except me as I am? Or do I need to change the way I am. I wish I had a friend that could accept me as I am, then it wouldnít be as hard as it is to be all alone.


Everyday I come home from school and I act like everything is ok. I wonít let my parents know, theyíll probably think that Iím a looser, I wonít let them down. My whole life Iíve been living up to their expectations, but now have to do what I got to do.


Sometimes I wonder if being teased and bullied is better than simply being ignored. I donít think people realize how horrible it is to experience that nobody cares about you or knows who you are. It is extremely depressing to go through the same corridors every single day without one person saying ďhiĒ to you. Well, I know how it is, and I can tell you; itís worse than you can imagine. In fact, I donít know for how long I can stand this. I donít know if I can take it much longer.


I wont be ignored anymore, maybe this is the way my destiny were supposed to be, maybe this letter will make the world a better place for people like my, maybe this letter will finally open peoples eyes.


When you read through the text I wonít longer exist in this cold world, ill probably be in a better place, a place where they accept me as I am


PS: Mom, Dad, Iím sorry I let you down.

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