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I don"t deserve this

Hovedpersonen begår et drap, og blir tatt av politiet. Temaet for oppgaven er dødsstraff.
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My breath got heavier and heavier, and it got harder and harder to breathe. I could nearly feel my fingers. My heart was beating like a big drum. It grantet like an almost blast loudspeaker. It was all quiet. All I could hear was my own breath and my heart. Maybe a dog barking far, far away. The asphalt was wet, and sometimes I could hear a raindrop falling from the corner of a house roof or a spout.


I waited, like I had done the last 2 hours. It was dark. I could nearly see a thing. Suddenly I heard footsteps. They were quick, just like someone was in a hurry.. or was really scared. They were coming closer and closer. My knees started to shake. “You have to do it, YOU HAVE TO DO IT!” the voice inside my head said. “How else could you get what you have in you?” That voice.. that voice is driving me nuts!


The footsteps was really close now. Maybe only five seconds away. I could feel the knife in my hand. It was the only thing I could feel right now. Suddenly it got as heavy as a rock. The voices inside my head started to yell. They were yelling and yelling. They was yelling so high, that I couldn’t longer heard my heart or my breath. The footsteps were right in front of me, and I started to yell to drown the voices in my head.


Right in front of me was a figure standing. I closed my eyes, jumped on it, and started to stab. I was stabbing and stabbing with my eyes closed. It was like I was on an auto gear. I couldn’t control myself. After about 3 minutes I opened my eyes. It was the most terrible sight I had ever seen in my life. It was blood everywhere. I looked around. I saw a teddy bear lying with his face down in the blood. In the middle of all the blood there was a little girl lying. I couldn’t believe it. What had I done?! I raised up, threw the knife away, and started to run. I ran the most isolated was, where people couldn’t see that my hands and my clothes were all covered in blood.


I couldn’t sleep that night. I tried to forget everything, at the same time as I tried to remember what had actually happened. It was disgusting being me at the moment.


The next morning I turned on my old radio. I got a suction in my stomach when I heard a voice on the radio said: “The police officers in Oklahoma did today find a body in a backstreet near the park. 1 hour after they maintain that the body was the six years old girl who had been missing for a month in that area. She had in all 78 knife stabs all over her body. The murder weapon was found only a few meters from the crime scene. The police is on an intense hunt to get the killer”


The same day, the police officers knocked on my door. “Your DNA is all over the crime scene. You have to come whit us young man.” They took me at the police station where they tried to press it all out of me. I couldn’t refuse it. I was too weak. I got introduced to my lawyer.


The next day I was taken to the court. I saw a man and a woman sitting and holding around each other with the teddy bear who was lying in the blood on their laps. They were all cried out, and looked tired. They were probably the little girl’s parents. Then the trail began. I could hear people talk, but I couldn’t understand. I was confused, ruined. I could hear the conversation between the little girl’s parent’s lawyer and mine:

- “He is a human! He know what he has done” their lawyer said.

- “He has problems. He doesn’t remember what he has done. Killing him only makes you killers to.” My lawyer said.

- With killing him he only gets what he deserves. He is going to taste his own medicine! He’s a monster. Killing a little indecent girl!

- “He is sitting here today because he has killed someone. If you want to kill him, it’s you who deserve to sit here. And that will keep going until there’s no one left on the earth!

- “It’s how it works! He has done a crime, and he needs to take his own consequences.


“What do you have to say to your defense?” the judges said. “They can’t kill me. I’m a human, just like everyone else. I have the right to live. I never wanted to kill that little girl with purpose. I swear..” After that I couldn’t hear what peoples were saying. I could only hear a loud beep inside my shame full head. I saw the judges knocked his hammer three times in slow motion. Then I knew it was over.


I was taken to a big white building. Two men dragged me trough a long hall. It smelled cold, and disgusting, like dead bodies. I was quite calm, because I knew it was just waist of time trying to refuse. It was just the circle of life I thought. They pushed me into a big room. In the middle of the room, stood a black old chair. In walked a big man with a mask over his face. He was a kind of creepy. With deep voice, he told me to sit down. He tied me stuck to the chair, and gave me a helmet, and walked outside. I could see him through a glass window, and also the reflection of my self. I saw deep into my own eyes, and started to cry. “I DIDN’T DO IT, I DIDN’T DO IT! I DON’T DESERVE THIS! IT WASN’T ME!” I yelled with all my powers. The man didn’t even look at me. He couldn’t have a heart. He didn’t care. Just like me.. The man pushed the button, and everything got black..

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