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The Saturday Night Murderer strikes again

Prøvde meg som journalist. Vet ikke helt hvordan det gikk, gi gjerne tilbakemelding.

Skoleoppgave på 10. trinn.

Sjanger:ArtikkelLastet opp:26.11.2008

City of West Linn: The Saturday Night Murder attacked again; this is the third time in row where a young woman has been killed beside the churchyard. Everyone have a reason to be afraid!


This time the woman, Katey Monroe, got rubbed at her way to the store. The police is not sure, but they think it is the same murder as the two last Saturdays.

- We think it may be the same murder this time as the two last, because they all got killed at same place and it all seems like a man at 1.85 murdered them. The police work throughout the day to find the perpetrator. We would ask you to avoid the Church, and to be as careful as possible, one policeman can tell us.

Katey Monroe was a mum for 3 children with her husband Peter Clay Monroe.

- She was a very nice wife, a good mum and you could never get bored with her. She will be remembered by everyone she has met, and specially the family will miss her. It is hard, but we fight for surviving, Peter tell us.


The happening

The children had asked for chips, as Katey was going to the store to buy. Ready for watching television in peace with her family, she got killed. With 5 rubs, one driver saw her lying in the ditch. The driver called the police at once he saw she was dead.

- When I drove past the churchyard, I saw a woman lying in the ditch. I though it was a bit weird. When I came closer, I saw blood. I stopped the car, passed out it and saw her laying dead. Katey, one of my neighbor, was death. While I cried, I checked if she still was breathing. But she wasn't. Then I called the police and waited for them. I think I locked like a ghost, I was scared and the blood made me dizzy. I am really sorry for the family, it is hard losing someone so closely to the family. It is so sad losing people, and I hope the murder get arrested before he kill someone else.



Mariah Currey and Joana Rowland, killed by the churchyard, both were killed by a gun. The gun was the same, and the policemen found it as a 9mm. They have found the owner, but he died for two years ago, so they didn't find it helpful. They think the gun either is stolen or sold underhand in a criminal surroundings. What the police are searching for now, is a reason for killing this women and the murder weapon.



The police find it most strange that these killings happened exactly one year after the killing of Marty Korey. They think it can be a connection between all this. Marty was a priest killed in a church in Alabama. Maybe the murder was a well-known of Marty, and wanted revenge.

- We have all reason to think there is a connection between the murdering of Marty and the three women. And if we look closer, maybe two more will be killed if we not get him. You see, Marty got rubbed 5 times. This is just how we are thinking, but we have to look closely at every possibilities. It is the chief of City in West Linn Police who is talking.



We have a anonymous witness. He/she told us that the man had a black cap, blue jacket and black jeans. Have you seen a man in these clothes? The witness tells us that he/she saw a man with something in his/her hand and ran away while Katey was laying there.

- It is weir that the witness didn't call the police, but it can be a reason for not calling us. If anybody saw a man at 1.85 and wearing such clothes, please give us a call. The information can be for use nevertheless how good the information is.

We are now missing three women in the street of Robinwood and we will keep the rest. Please help stopping the murder, this can't go on!

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