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A scream in the night

En spenningshistorie med en forsvinning og en mystisk barnestemme.

Karakter: 5- (engelsk halvdagsprøve, 10. klasse)

Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:25.11.2008
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”Eric!” I yelled. I couldn’t see my hand in front of me. It was to dark. “Are you playing with me?” I laughed. Maybe he was joking. Playing hide and seek. I took my cell phone and tried to lighten up the room. It helped a little, but not much. There it was again, but much louder and clearer than before. It was a scream for help from a little child. I got goose bumps all over my body and I started to cold sweat. If only Eric was here. I looked up his number and tried to call him. The vibration of his phone came from the room beside me. I went in, but all I fond was the little metal lump lying there, screaming for someone to pick it up. I was worried. Where could he be?


I and my boyfriend, Eric, were on our daily tour in the park. We were not exactly sweethearts, but almost. I loved him with all my heart, and I was so glad that he nearly was mine. He took my hand and stroked it with his little finger as we sat down on a red painted bench underneath a beautiful three with white flowers on. “You know I love you?” He asked and looked at me with gorgeous brown eyes. “Yes, I do. But I love you more” I teased. I licked my tongue to him. He leaned over and kissed my cheek. I blushed. This was the moment I had been waiting for, it was perfect. The sunset that reflected in the water, the colorful leafs that covered the ground and pretty bird singing for us. He placed his arm over my shoulder so I could lean my head to his chest.


“Help me!” someone yelled. The scream was followed by a weak but a disturbing sound. It came from the white forsaken house right outside the park. “Let’s go and check it out.” I suggested. The house was dirty and worn out. Almost every window was broken, and the scary trees hang over the roof and down the walls. It was dark outside now. The curtains hang out the windows, and flapped in the wind. Someone cried from inside the house. We went in to check it out. We came in to a big, dark hall. A flaming torch was tent in the end of the room. It lightened up the stairs. We walked up to the next floor, and looked everywhere, but no child to see. “If we split up, and met outside in a few minutes, maybe we’ll find the child in time.” He said worried. “In time for what?” I asked scared. “I don’t know. But you’ll have to be prepared for everything” He said and walked down the stairs again. I looked in every room on the floor, but didn’t find anything. Ten minutes have past and I went outside to meet Eric. My heart took a big jump when I saw that he wasn’t there. I went inside to find him.


I was in the house the whole night looking for him. But he was gone. The mystery of where Eric went, and who the little child was, is and will be unknown.

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En gang i blant skrives det kommentarer som mangler seriøsitet eller som ikke har noe med oppgavens tema å gjøre. Hjelp oss å rydde! Klikk 'varsle' nederst til høyre på de meldinger du mener må bort. Så fjerner redaksjonen kommentarene etter hvert.

01.08.2009 15:38


30.11.2009 22:12

en kjempebra og spennende tekst!

16.12.2009 16:56

Takk  Very Happy :-D

25.02.2010 12:32

hvor ble det av ham?

22.11.2011 16:41

lag en fortsettelse pliz den var skikkelig bra tekst

03.05.2011 12:34

Den var spennende, men litt rar slutt synes jeg.. godtok hun bare at han var vekke lissom? dumt at den sluttet der.. det var ikke helt logisk, men du er flink å skrive  Smile :-\)

08.10.2014 20:25

ikke verst

10.02.2016 20:08

lol man
nice text

G eazy
19.12.2017 08:45

Yeah, and I don't like talking to strangers
So get the fuck off me I'm anxious
I'm tryna be cool but I might just go ape shit
Say fuck y'all to all of y'all faces
It changes though now that I'm famous
Everyone knows how this lifestyle is dangerous
But I love it the rush is amazing
Celebrate nightly and everyone rages
I found how to cope with my anger
I'm swimming in money
Swimming in liquor my liver is muddy
But it's all good I'm still sippin' this bubbly
This shit is lovely, this shit ain't random, I didn't get lucky
Made it right here cause I'm sick with it Cudi
They all take the money for granted
But don't want to work for now tell me, isn't it funny?

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