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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - scene 10

Dette er et utsnitt av scriptet til den fÝrste Harry Potter-filmen, scene 10, avskrevet av meg.
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Tema:Harry Potter

The Hogwarts Express is  moving slowley towards Hogwarts School.

Harry is looking out of the window when Ron looks into the cabin where Harry is sitting.

Ron:              Excuse me. Do you mind? Everywhere else is full.

Harry:           Not at all.

Harry points at the seat opposit  himself.

Ron:              Iím Ron by the way. Ron Weasley

Harry:           Iím Harry. Harry Potter.

Ron makes big eyes.

Ron:              So itís true! I mean, do you really have the...?

Ron points at his forehead.

Harry:           The what?

Ron:             The scar?

Harry smiles and showes his the scar on his forehead.

Ron:              Wicked!

The trolley lady stopes outside the cabin door.

Trolley lady: Anything off the trolley, dears?

Ron:             No, thanks. Iím all set.

Ron looks miserable and showes her a packet of sandwiches.

Harry:           Weíll take the lot.

Harry takes out a hand full of gold money from his pocket.

Ron:              Wow!

The Hogwarts Express is still moving slowley towards Hogwarts,  while Harry

and Ron are eating candy.

Ron has moved so he is now sitting beside Harry.

Harry holdes up a meany coloured box and read the name on the box.

Harry:           Bertie Bottís Every Flavor Beanes?

Ron:              They mean every flavor.

Ron takes some candy and putes it in to his mouth.

Harry openes the box of beanes.

Ron:              Thereís chocolate and peppermint and thereís also...

Harry putes a bean into his mouth.

Ron:              ...spinach, liver and tripe.

Harry makes a grimace.

Ron:              George sweared he got a booger-flavored one once.

Harry takes out the bean of his mouth.

Harry pickes up a box which says Chocolate Frog.

Harry:          These arenít real frogs, are they?

Ron:             Itís just a spell. Presaids itís the cards you want. Each packís got a famuos witch or wizard. Iíve got about 500 meself.       

                       The frog jumpes up on to the window...

Ron:                Watch it!

                       and jumpes out.

Ron:               Ohh...Thatís rotten luck. Theyíve only got one good jump in them to begin


                       Harry lookes at the picture on the card.

Harry:           Iíve got Dumbledore!

Ron:               I got about six of him.

                      ďDumbledoreĒ suddenly diseperes from the card.

Harry:           Hey, heís gone!

Ron:               Well you canít expect him to hang around all day, can you?

                      Harry looks down on the rat that Ron has got on his lap.

Ron:               This is Scabbers. Pathetic, isnít he?

Harry:           Just a little bit.

Ron:               Fred gave me a spell to turn him yellow. Want to see?

Harry:           Yeah.

                      Ron takes his wand out and clears his trot.

Ron:               Sun...

                      Ron gets interupted by Hermione when she walks in the door.

Hermione:   Has anyone seen a toad? A boy named Nevilleís lost one.

Ron:              No.

Hermione:    Oh, are you doing magic? Letís see, then.

                     She says this with at stuck-up voice.

                     Ron cleares his trot again.

Ron:             Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow turn this stupid, fat rat yellow.

                     The rat does not turn  yellow.

                     Harry and Ron looks at eachother.

Hermione:  Are you sure thatís a real spell? Well, itís not very good, is it?

                    Harry and Ron looks at eachother again.

Hermione:  Of cause Iíve only tried a few simple once myself... but theyíve all worked for


                   Hermione walks into the cabin and sits down opposit of Harry.

Hermione:  For example: ...

                   Hermione pointes her wand at Harryís glasses.

Hermione:  Oculus Reparo.

                   Harryís glasses reperes itself.

                   Harry takes of his glasses and lookes at them.

Hermione:  Thatís better, isnít it?

                   Ron and Harry looks at eachother shocked.

Hermione:  Holy cricket, youíre Harry Potter!

                   Harry putes his glasses on again.

Hermione:  Iím Hermione Grange. And you are...?

                   She looks at Ron in a very stuck-up way.

Ron:           Iím Ron Weasley.

                   Ron says this with his mouth full of candy.

Hermione: Pleasure.

                   You two better change into robes. I expect weíll be arriving soon.

                   Herminoe walks out of the cabin but suddenly comes back again and looks at


Hermione: Youíve got dirt on your nose by the way. Did you know?

                   She points at a place on her own  nose.

Hermione: Just there.

                   Ron rubs his nose.

                   Hermione walks away.

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