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Dear Diary

Et innlegg i en dagbok. Engelsktentamen i 9. klasse.
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Dear Diary, today was it The International No Digital Communication Day. We couldn't use anything that was electrical. It was very hard and fun. When i woke up today, I couldn't find my cell phone. I started to look for it on my room, but it wasn't there. So i went downstairs to see if i could find it there. When I came down, my mom was in the kitchen making breakfast. When she saw me looking for something, she came and asked me what I was looking for. And I said that I was looking for my cell phone. Then she started to laugh. When she had finished with the laughing, she told me that she had hidden it away, since it was The International No Digital Communication Day. As she said that, I remembered it. How could I be so stupid and forget this day? It is the only tay in the year we can't use electrical things. So I went up to get dressed.


When I came to school everyone was talking about this day, and how they miss their computers and cell phones. I don't get it! What is the problem? One day without electrical thins. I think its quite interesting with this day. Because we can see how they did in the old times, when there was no electrical. Just think how much we are using the day to sit with the computer instead of doing sports activities. In the classroom our teacher told us that we have this day because of the global warming. And how much contamination a person emit each day. That isn't little, I can tell you ! You should be glad you're just a diary. This schoolday is one of the funny days I have ever known. Because we didn't do anything like we usually do. The gymnastic was like it was in the old times, so was the rest of the day to. Everything was different. In the lunch break everyone got one portion of porridge, and a glass of milk. When the lunsh break was over, the headmaster came and rang in a bell. After the lunsh break, we usually have music. But today we had math in the old way. That was quite boring.


My dad was already home when I came home from school. When he is early home we usually have something good for dinner. So i asked him what's on the menu today. And he sayd porridge ! When he said that, I got angry. First I get porridge at school, and then I get it home! So i went to my room and started on my homework. We didn't have so much homework today. After I was finished with today's homework, the dinner was ready. I went down to the kitchen, and sat down on my place. My mom was home too now. She sat on her place. When my dad served us, he had a big smile on his face. When mom saw the porridge, she made a strange grimace. And asked what that grey thinng was. When she said that i started to laugh. And when dad said it was porridge, she didn't look so happy. The porridge wasn't as bad as the one at school. It was much more taste in dad's. I didn't eat so much. So I was very quick to eat it up.


When I was finished with the dinner I went up to my room, and started writing in you diary. Now I have to go to bed. The clock is much. Goodnight diary. See you tomorrow!

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23.11.2009 20:18

Ehh, ingen international no digital day? ikke mulig da, handlingen var ikke bra nok, spør du meg.
Hva fikk du får denne?

10.12.2009 20:02

den var kjempe bra , du burde jobbe vidre sånn, liykke til vidre!!!

30.01.2011 19:44

Handlingen var grei, men språket er veldig bra for å være en niende klassing.

21.02.2017 15:05

Knall bra, fortsett sånn vidre

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