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I miss you

Et dikt jeg skrev da jeg var veldig lei meg, og tenkte på eks-bestevennen min.
Sjanger:DiktLastet opp:22.07.2008

You fill my brain with anger. It’s like there is a bomb inside my heart, which will explode soon. The bomb destroys every piece of my body. Slowly. The pain hurts like ever before now. It really hurts. When I see a picture of his face, my heart screams loud. I slowly die at the inside.


One day, I sat on the computer. I saw a picture of his face on my computer screen. My hands were shaking. I cried three tears. Not more. Not less. Later that same day, I cried even more. I couldn’t stand up. I just sat on my bed and my hands were all around my teddy bear. I’m sick of crying. I don’t want to waste my tears on you. You haven’t done anything to deserve my tears.


I would fight for you, but how can I fight for someone who isn’t even there?

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