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That was Then, This is Now

Bookreview of the book "That was Then, This is Now".
Sjanger:Anmeldelse (bok, film...)Lastet opp:28.07.2000
Tema:That was then, this is now
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About the author:
Her name is S.E.Hinton,and she was a published writer already when she was 17 years old.She was born in Tulsa,Oklahoma.She has writed books like:”The Outsiders”,”That Was Then,This is Now”,”Rumble fish”,”After taming the star”,”Big David” and ”The puppy sisters”.After writing ”The Outsiders” she got tipsed to publish under the name S.E.Hinton,because the narrator in the book was a boy and people would find it strange that a woman wrote a such ”macho” story as ”The outsiders”.She wrote her second book ”That was Then,This is Now” when she was in college at University of Tulsa,studying to be a teacher but she hadn`t enough stamina or nerve to teach.She couldn`t stop thinking of the problems some of the pupils have.”Rumble fish”,her third book,was published in 1975.She got inspired of a picture with a boy on a motorcycle she had seen.After writing her fourth book,”Taming the star runner,she took a seven-year break.She had enough with her son Nick.She couldn`t write a thing.When Hinton is not writing she is riding.She is also taking courses at the university.


Different peoples in the book:
Mark and Bryon is almost like brothers, but they really aint`.Bryon is sixteen and lives with his mum. When Bryon and Mark was younger they used to play with each other.Marks parents killed each other in a fight when Mark was younger.Bryons mum felt sorry for him and took him home to live with them.Since they had been like brothers.Mark dont mind to steal a car or loop someone for money .Charlie is a young bar owner, just twenty-two, but he keep order real good.M&M is a really hounest guy.He has long hair but his father dislike it.He got his name because he always eats candy.He dont have a easy life.He often get beaten up.He also have a drug problem that affects his older sister Cathy who works in the cafe at the hospital.She finds him stone in some kind a hippie house,after beeing gone for several weeks.


About the book:
The book is about two foster brothers.They is called Mark and Bryon.Mark`s parents killed each other when he was younger.Since he has lived with Bryon and Bryon`s mum.They are living in a pretty rough neighbourhood.At the spear time they are playing pool,driving cars and hanging with M&M.He is almost a hippi.He is wearing peace symbols around his neck and has long hair. Bryon`s mum was going trough a big operation that costed a lot of money,so they didn`t have so much cash.They sold their car,their TV and so on,but was still short on money.So to get money they was playing pool and hot-wired cars. They were in a lot of fights.It wasn`t seldom they came home with blood all over their face.They did stupid things like cutting Bryons old girlfriends hair off when she was drunk.Then Bryon got beaten up by some guys she knew the next day. One time they were playing pool with a big mexican,that lost a lot of money.He got very angry and surprised Mark and Bryon in a dark alley outside Charlie`s bar.Charlie saw that the Mexican were pointing at Mark and Bryon with a gun,so he came out with a shotgun.Unfortunately the Mexican shot Charlie first.Mark grabbed the shotgun and shot towards the mexican.He misses,but Charlie was dead. Later when Bryon was going to take a smoke and rolled Marks madras over to find a smok,he finds a sylinder full with pills.Mark is a drug dealer.He calls the cops to turn Mark in.Mark comes home and Bryon tells Mark about the pills and that he had called the cops.The police comes and Mark gets arrested and sent to prison.Slowly Mark and Bryon falls apart.Their not even talking with each other any more.


I thinks the writer wants to warn and tell people about the real life some kids have to go trough.That life isn`t always so easy,and that we have to take care about the people we are living with.


My opinion:
I think the book was exiting and fun.Much better than I had expected.The book wasn`t so hard to read and not to long.It was some weird word in the text,but I understood it anyway.The book was about youths and that did the book a bit better to read since I am a youth too.

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