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Streaking for the Bridge

En stil om å demonstrere for å redde en bro.

Karakter: 5 (juletentamen, 10. klasse)

Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:12.03.2008
Makt og politikk
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Robert was a boy at the age of 16. He was very engaged in everything he put his mind to. He loved writing and reading. He was a straight-A student, who everybody loved, even the rascals in 10th grade. He was the local doom watch, and he was the leader in a local environmental youth group. He even quitted playing football in order to write different things. He wrote to newspapers with very high standards and he wrote letters to rich, famous and high society people about the environment. He was also very interested in the town’s history. He was the town’s star. At least he was until the day of the streaking. Then he became the town’s…


The bridge in the town is all that is left from before the fire. (Oh, I guess I haven’t told you about the fire?) The fire in 1988 was the most tragic story in our history, and the most exciting too. None of the buildings were spared. Because you see, right outside the town there was a forest, a very big one. And our town had one of the largest amounts of timber, in proportion of the population of course. So nearly everybody worked in the inside or the outside of that forest, but now there is no forest. So you can understand that almost building was made of wood. Everyone but the bridge. The Filhyn-town-bridge, our landmark. Every single one of the buildings and our great forest burned down during one single night. There were several fire injuries and three people even died. Until this day nobody knows who started this arson. Even though, there have been many theories over the years, but none of them have been rock solid.


But back to Robert. As you can see he had an enormous courage and willpower, and the Filhyn-town-bridge was a very important hallmark for Filhyn. So when he read that the town council was determined to demolish and tear the old bridge apart he had to do something. They said the bridge needed to be modified and enlarged. But Robert wouldn’t put up with that so he invited everyone do go demonstrating, but nobody seemed to care. Except for a little boy in his class, of course, but he even tried to be a member of the local horse club. But he was rejected, he didn’t have a horse. He was that desperate belonging somewhere.


So it was just him and Robert who were at the bridge on afternoon. All the other children said it was great getting that old piece of bricks down, and putting a new four-column road up. When the little boy called Conrad arrived at the bridge, Robert looked kind of sad. He had been up all night making posters and signs. They waited ten more minutes without talking to each other. Then Conrad said: “it looks like there is a bad attendance.” Robert turned red and threw his signs into the river. Then he buried his head in his hands and shook his head. “Now I have to go and get them, I can’t just leave them there. I’m the nature-guy.”



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Even though it was winter and probably minus degrees he took off some clothes and jumped into the river. Conrad watched him nervously, and he could hear a little shriek when Robert’s body touched the water.


After swimming around, looking for more signs, he went out of the water. A quite big crowd had gathered, looking at this strange boy, swimming in January. After Conrad had given him his clothes he said that swimming almost nude caused a lot of curiosity and people took notice at him. Robert then realised what he had to do. He invited the little guy to streak with him. Conrad didn’t know what to do. “Fine” Robert said. “Then you are in!”


Robert decided the next day that they were going to strike at the press conference in the town hall. Conrad was getting cold feet. But he couldn’t stop now.


At the conference there were enormous masses of people in all ages, shapes and sex. Now, both of them were determined to streak. The major and the leader of the construction and building department spoke of how dangerous the bridge was and how much money it would cost to rebuild it. Robert knew for himself that it wouldn’t cost that much, and all you needed was to cement under the bridge. He had been googling, and he thought for himself that the internet is a really good thing.


Robert and Conrad were both wearing long coats at the conference, but nobody knew they weren’t wearing any clothes under the coat. The plan was that Robert was going to give a sign when they should loose their coats, grab the signs and run like Forrest Gump. Right after the major had pronounced the demolishing of the bridge Robert gave the sign. He started running towards the scene with a sign covering his “privet parts”. But Conrad stood there freezing still. He had chickened out. Everyone turned their faces towards Robert and some guys ran after him. But he weren’t stopped. Surprisingly enough, nobody wanted to tackle

a naked guy.


The result of this was an enormous media explosion. Suddenly everybody’s eyes were aiming at Robert. Important questions like climate were not unusual brought up. This whole situation about The Filhyn-town-bridge was all mixed up. Suddenly nobody was sure what would happen to the bridge. Robert was interviewed all the time, and he told the whole nation about the bridge, the climate and so on. More and more people were sure that the bridge had to stay. It was too important part of the town’s story.


So shocking is still a good way to show your meanings. (But don’t go too far)

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