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The Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Denne gangen er det ikke ulven som får det som han vil.

Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:12.03.2008
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One afternoon I was in the wood and carried a basket of candy and berries to my grandmother. Suddenly a wolf jumped out from the bush and scared me, and I ran until he was gone. By the way I met Donald and I said: << Hi! …. I was on my way to my grandmother´s house bringing this basked with food, and I hope she is home. >>, then I smiled and went away. The wolf had hidden himself behind a tree and heard what I said, and he found a plan to fool me and get all the food for himself. He ran over to ma grandmother ´s house and killed her. He putted on her clothes and a nightcap, and pretended that he was my grandmother.


 When I came to the house, I saw that my grandmothers face was different. She have done a facelift and a huge beard over the whole face, and she had so much hair out of the ears, so it looked like wolf ears.

->, she said with a wrinkled voice.


The same time I saw that it wasn’t my grandma in the bed it was the wolf from the wood. I pretended that I didn’t know that, and I slowly picked up a knife from my basket, and gave him a “hug” and cut him in the neck. He died and I lived happy ever after, cause I got a new wolfskin basket.

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