Captor in reality

En stil om en far som desperat prøver å få tilbake dattera si.
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A conversation over the phone...

KingCo: Hey, you got my daughter?

Cyanide: Yeah, I demand 9 grand for her!

KingCo: 9 grand!?

Cyanide: You got the cash?

KingCo: Yeah, I'm transfering the cash to your account now... there it's in!

Cyanide: Yeah, I got it!

KingCo: So when do I get her?

Cyanide: In about two days i guess.

KingCo: Good I'll be waiting for you.

Cyanide hang up.


Two days later the following events happened...

Cyanide: Hey, KingCo is it?

KingCo: Yeah that's me.

Cyanide: I've got the adress but...he was interupted

KingCo: Okay, thanks!

KingCo runs away mumbling "My precioussss..."


At KingCo's house...

KingCo: Mhhh, this is going to be good.

KingCo: WTF (What The Fuck) this isn't the right adress...

KingCo breethes heavely

KingCo: I thought it was were my daughter was!

KingCo: This I can't accept!

KingCo: I'm gonna get that bastard!

KingCo gets a knife and starts sharpening it...


At an later encounter the same day...

KingCo: Die bad person, DIE!

Cyanide: You ain't gonna get me!

KingCo: A deal is a deal!

Cyanide: But I tried to tell you...

KingCo: I ain't heard nothing!

Cyanide: I had to give you the wrong adress because my boss told me to!

KingCo: Bullshit!

Cyanide: I was going to give you back the nine grand that I owed you but you ran away!

KingCo: Well then give me the nine grand to me now!

Cyanide: Yeah, done here...

Cyanide gives him a sealed envolope

Cyanide: is.

KingCo rips the envolope up and quickly counts the cash

KingCo: One... two... three... four, okay that's right.

Cyanide: See I told you.

KingCo: But some one is going to pay for this mess!

KingCo: What's the name of your boss!

Cyanide harks.

Cyanide: I... I mean, ehhh, I can't tell you...

KingCo presses him up against the wall and threatens him with his freashly sharpened blade!

Cyanide: I guess I can tell you... Because your my friend... Don't hurt me!

Cyanide: It was Zleepye!

KingCo: Then you truly are my friend.

Cyanide: So we good?

KingCo: Yeah, we good.

Cyanide walks away and no ones blood got spilled... for now


Cyanide makes a phone call to Zleepye

Cyanide: Hey Zleepye? you there?

Zleepye: Yeah, I'm here... what's up?

Cyanide: KingCo is after you and he's pissed, you should baricade youself in your house.

Zleepye: Okay will do.

Zleepye: But why is he after me?

Cyanide: I just heard that he's after you.

Cyanide hangs up...


A day passes and KingCo used it to search for the notoruis Zleepye


KingCo riding the streets looking for Zleepye...

KingCo yells: Anyone hwo knows about Zleepye?

Theresa: I know...

KingCo: Come forward child.

KingCo: Talk to me, say what you know and i will award you well.

Theresa: I've heard he lives a couple of miles south of town.

KingCo: You have done well, you can now go.

Theresa: But... what about my award?

KingCo: Yes, I allmost forgot...

KingCo hands Theresa a package

Theresa: Why thank you.

KingCo: Use it well.

Theresa: What is in it? The package I mean.

KingCo: Open it and find out

Just as KingCo leaves she opens the package and finds four grand hard cash

Flerissa: Wow, Theresa what will you use it on?

Theresa: I'm gonna get an education!

Flerissa: A good choise...


KingCo travels to Zleepye's house unknowing of what he's going to experience...

KingCo stopped at a dead end, he hadn't seen any houses by the road.

KingCo looks around and he spots a TV antenna.

KingCo yells: Is there anyone there?

No answer...

KingCo yells again: Is there anyone there?

No answer...

He walks in the direction of the TV antenna, he can glimt a flunk of movement there...

As he's getting closer he can hear footsteps under the ground...

He can hear scrambled voises blabber very close...

And he knows someone's close...

He starts running against the antenna!

When he gets there he can see a hidden entrance into what looks like a bunker of some kind!

He tryes to open it but it's no use, he just can't open it with force!

He leans against the wall tired of all the hard work he had just been through.

Something happened, hit a brick and whe entrance opened before his eyes...

When he enters the bunker, he can hear voices getting closer and closer

There's a kitchen door infront of him

He opens the door... and he meets two of Zleepyes goons!

KingCo: Holy Shit!

Goon1(Richard) yells: An intruder!

Goon2(David) yells: Sound the alarm!

KingCo: Ohh, no u don't!

KingCo knocks David down with one single punch

Richard attacks KingCo from behind and KingCo quickly draws blades

Richard pulls him gun but since he doesn't have the speed or agility of KingCo he's an easy target

KingCo cuts Richards hand with his blade and Ritchard looses his gun

Richard yells: Don't hurt me I'll tell you all I know!

KingCo presses his blade upon Ritchards lips

KingCo: Tell me or I'll make it so that you can never talk again!

Richard: We were placed here to take you down when you arrived...

KingCo: What!

Richard: ...because a good friend of the boss has warned him of your wrathfull state of mind.

KingCo: Hwo!

KingCo yells: Tell me or I'll split you in two!

Richard blabbers "Cyanide told hhh...." before he faints

KingCo slaps him so that he comes to life again

KingCo: Where is Zleepye!?

Richard: He's in the mountains hiding from you...

KingCo: Where!

Richard: ...with his friend.

KingCo: Hwo's with him?

Richard: I'm just a hired man, I don't get told such things!

KingCo: I know that you know where he is and hwo he's with!

Richard: Okay, he's in the Stonetallon Mountains at the Blackrock Retreat!

KingCo: Hwo is he with!?

Richard: Cyanide!

KingCo: Very well, you just tell him that I was here!

Richard: You have been most gracefull to me.

KingCo knocks Richard out before he leaves...


In the Stonetallon Mountains at the Blackrock Retreat...

Cyanide: Do you think they have killed him yet?

Zleepye: He should be dead by now...

Cyanide: You think?

Zleepye: ... but maby he has overpowered my goons.

Cyanide: But they're loyal right?

Cyanide: They wouldn't tell him where we are!

Cyanide: Would they?

Zleepye: Well i guess they might tell him where we...

Cyanide: What!?

Zleepye: ... are.

Cyanide: Then we're in danger!

Zleepye: But you said yourself that he doesn't have any minions!

Cyanide: No, but he has got really good fighting skills!

The conversation ended...


KingCo arrived at Blackrock Retreat later that day...

Old Cyanide was hoppin` around Stonetallon Mountains like a big playground.

When suddenly KingCo burst from the shade, and hit Cyanide with a grenade.

Cyanide got pissed and began to attack, but didn't expect to be blocked by Shaq.

Who pursuded to open up a can of Shaq-Fu,

When Richard came out of the blue.

And he started beating up Shaquille Oneil.

then they both got flattened by the Cyanide-mobile.

Before he could make it back to the KingCo-cave, Zleepye popped out of his grave.

And pulled an AK-47 out of from under his hat, and blew KingCo away with a rat-tat-tat.

But he ran out of bullets and he ran away, because David came to save the day.

This is the ultimate showdown, of ultimate destiny.

Good guys, bad guys, and explosions, as far as the eye can see.

And only one will survive.

I wonder who it will be.

This is the ultimate showdown, of ultimate destiny!

Angels sang out, in an Immaculate chorus.

Down from the Heavens, descended Theresa.

Who delievered a kick, which could shatter bones.

Into the crotch, of Cyanide.

Who fell over on the ground, writhing in pain.

As Zleepye changed his outfit, into Flerissa.

But Theresa saw through, his clever disguise.

And she crushed Zleepyes head, in between his thighs.

It was the bloodiest battle the world ever saw, with civillians looking on a total law.

Cyanide took a bite out of David, like Scruff McGruff took a bite out of crime.

And then Shaq came back covered in a tire track, but Peter Dass jumped out and landed on his back.

And KingCo was injured and trying to get steady, when Zleepye came back with a machete.

But suddenly something caught his leg and he tripped, Theresa took him out with her whip.

Then she saw Cyanide sneeking up from behind, and she reached for his gun which she just couldn't find.

Cause KingCo stole it and he shot and he missed, and Peter Dass deflected it with his fist.

Then he jumped in the air and he did a summersault, while Zleepye tried to polevault, onto David but they collided in the air, and they both got hit by an emergency flare.

The fight raged on for a century.

Many lives were claimed but eventually, the champion stood, the rest saw the better.

KingCo in a blood stained sweater!

He looks around for his daughter and can hear a distant crying and he knows that instant it's his daughter!

He reaches into the bunker and his daughter is there... in good health!

She gets out of the bunker and said four words "I need an vacation!".

Now she's 23 years old, married with a good paying job.

No kids and a shit father hwo's doing drugs!

This is not a true story!

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